Opciones de alojamiento para todos los presupuestos en torno a Noisy le Sec

Enchanted by the picturesque soul and beauty of Canal de L’Ourcq, Noisy le Sec, located in the north of Paris in Sena-Saint Denis features all the characteristics of a charming and pleasant town.

Canal de L’Ourcq flows through the vast green expanses of Paris-Parc de la Villette and continues on its tranquil journey alongside some of the elegant architectural buildings and houses in Noisy le Sec and some of the north east neighboring towns: Bobigny, Bondy, Montreuil, Romainville, Aulnay sous Bois and Rosny sous Bois.

There are several accommodation options around Noisy Le Sec to make the most of your stay in a cost effective way. Hotels in our list are ideal budget deals in and around Noisy Le Sec. Most of them are ideally located within easy access to the A86, A3 and the N3 road. Line E of the Parisian metro network links Noisy le Sec to Magenta-Gare du Nord and Gare St Lazarre with connections to most of TGV-high speed train stations and airports.

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